How Do You Crack The Code For Gift Card Quiz

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GrannyJo | 13:13 Fri 20th Dec 2019 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Compers News Festive Gift Card Quiz crack the code

Has anyone solved the code to work out the answers please? I have spent ages trying to work it out.I have a guess, but would like some advice.

Many thanks


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Have you got a link so we can have a go?
What is the code?
It's a case of working out what the words say; then you will be given the answer to enable you to work out the amounts. It didn't take me long, but maybe that was just luck. 4 of the words are the names of the shops listed, so that is where I started from and it just came!
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Thank you for trying to help. I am sorry I cannot duplicate the page of the magazine,as it is not mine and I have no idea whether or not publishing extracts is allowed.
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Thank you Lindylou 1947 your solution sounds good. I will try again,
I've found the four cards but can not figure out the amounts. Is it to do with the two words that's not been used?
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Sorry RobAndMe I cannot help. I am still puzzling out the 4 cards never mind the amounts. I just cannot figure this one out.
This has left me scratching my head and is definitely a puzzle for the festive season. I don't like puzzles where there is no obvious way to solve it and it feels like guesswork. Assuming the words have had letters substituted and you make educated guesses giving you more letters for the code then one does have four shops and using the same code and another guess gives you the four amounts but no idea yet how to work out which shop has which amount.
Ps the two words not used should spell words that when you think logically will give you the remaining two amounts then read the shops and the two spare words in order
Hi everyone, found this discussion whilst also trying to crack the code. I've followed all the hints and tips but with no joy. Just wondering if anyone can help with the "Comping" clue to at least get me started. Thanks
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I managed to get the four cards by using Comping as my alphabet. it is not my magazine, so I was only doing the puzzle to pass the time. It was a complete mystery to me,but with the help of puzzlesnail I can see how it works.

Thank you

Thanks, will have another go at it
Did anyone manage to figure this one out? It left me totally stumped, I posted it off with no answer. I didn't get the shops never mind the amounts!

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How Do You Crack The Code For Gift Card Quiz

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