chocolate products

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olivia | 10:45 Mon 21st Nov 2005 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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1. could it be mork and mindy

2. non-alcholic pub

3. american state


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olivia Nothing definite I'm afraid!

But 2 could be Dairy Milk Bar (bar = pub)

For 3, there's a Texan (Bar) ... but is there a Texas?

Perhaps an Alaska (as in Baked Alaska)?

Question Author
thanks crofter, No 2 is correct, I had thought of Texan, but baked Alaska isn't chocolate, by the way did you see my other questin about Mozart?
Yup! Saw the Mozart question, but Classical Music is not my forte. Having said the I did get Schubert's TROUT Quintet last week!
Question Author
Crofter I've just got the answer to the Mozart question, its Happy Birthday to you
Wasn't there an Alien choc bar?
Question Author
I will search Hobitess, thanks
2 = Millky Bar

1 Star Bar?

2 Milky Bar

Sorry, that should be Milky Bar
Question Author
thanks redmug100, but star bar does't realy fit the clue, its got me stumped
could number 1 be ................M&M's?????
Question Author
great answer poisonivy, thanks

and isnt there something called Maryland choc chip cookies????

Question Author
could be poisonivy, I'll give it a try
no. 3 Montana is a chocolate bar

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chocolate products

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