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12holly | 18:23 Thu 05th Sep 2019 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Stuck on these,

1) the word rudimentary with extra-virgin written underneath.

2) the work looking on top of the words Billx2 motherx2. There is a horizontal line between the two levels and looking is mostly faded with only the top right of the word in bold.

3) GRABBED/THE AND $£€$. The and is smaller and the notes are different.

4) 0 EMOH 2. The 2 is as far right in the box as possible.

5) the word enigma written 9 times in different fonts


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1 crude oil
5 enigma variations
Grabbed by the short and curlies... ??
3 Nothing to write home about
^ 4 sorry
2 looking a bit black over Bill's mother's
It's looking a bit black over Bill's mother's.
Well done, you two... never heard of that! :-)
I never heard it said during my childhood, there are some odd sayings but interesting.
My grandmother said something similar :-)
Question Author
Also got 6) R with the words my god written on the right side of it (the R is large) and the the written after that
Learn something new every day here :-)
Nearer my God to thee
Question Author
Thank you

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