Water Aid. In A Class Of Their Own C/d 30Th August.

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eebygum | 14:05 Tue 27th Aug 2019 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Help please with last 3. Answers all have a 'title' in them ie Prince, King etc but could be foreign titles, ie Khan. Real people or characters, or even animals. I guess everyone is stuck on no.20 When his friend was kidnapped, he wanted to send a message to the FBI for help. 3,3,5,8
37 Appears on talk shows in character; he has rarely appeared as his real self. 5,5,5
49 A Norwegian rock band has named themselves after this actor. 5, 4, 5

Any help/clues most appreciated. Thanks


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37- clue- is it cos I is black
49 nickname of a Finnish businessman and special effects make up artist.
By any chance have you got the answer to 20?

A lot of us on AB are stuck on it.

49 - Ubasses I can't see how my answer (got from AB) fits your clue. If I say voice of Vader.....
You are right Tuvok, I really should not try to do 2 things at once.
Just wish somebody can put us all out of our misery with the answer to no. 20!!!!!
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Many thanks to fiction-factory and tuvok. Just the dreaded number 20 left!!!
20. The Aga Khan's Stallion? (Shergar)
That might be it - it fits the letter count - better than nothing!
Damned with faint praise. :-)
20---- *** *** Prime Minister ? There have been quite a lot of them being kidnapped. Just a thought.

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Water Aid. In A Class Of Their Own C/d 30Th August.

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