Cryptic Confectionery Quiz

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turnipface | 19:19 Fri 23rd Aug 2019 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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He's part of red door 6 letters
So rolls a critique 9 and 6
Could be a large brain food 4 and 3
Can you do this with eggs eggs at Easter 4 letters


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1 freddo
2 Liquorice alsort
4 Roll or Hide
How's that cash? Thicko here. :))

Roll, sorry
2 Liquorice alsorts should be 9,7 16 in anagram
Anagram, isn't it?
Thank you! Wondered where the second 'S' went (I could 'see' the anagram but did not compute).
Confectionary Mamyalynne.
Ignore me please.
think no 2 needs three L's?
Perhaps the setter can't spell. I agree though.
lo instead of so would work :-)
Be an s short then aelmpvw
Liquorice allsort

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Cryptic Confectionery Quiz

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