Help For Heroes ( Closing Date 1St August)

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mrsmaggot | 11:41 Sun 30th Jun 2019 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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The first letter of the answer is given in the brackets . ( But no number of letters )

1) To disable (N)
2) Gives vehicular support (A)
3) Great for upright movement (B)
4) A.F. ( full title ). (R)

Thanks in advance for any suggestions


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4. Royal
3 Backbone
1 Neutralise?
2 axle ?
Question Author
Thank you all for your answers !
Captain ... I hadn’t thought of backbone, only thought of Bipedalism, but wasn’t that happy with it , my husband had offered neutralise but wasn’t convinced but am now ( he’s doing the ‘I told you so ‘ thingie now !)Thanks
Pet land- Axle fine too . I had AA (as in automobile Assoc .) but again wasn’t happy with it ! Thanks
Paigntonian - I had no idea of any answer for this and will go for Royal but can you explain please .Thankyou
1 negate?
4 Although not my suggested answer the leaning appears to be towards RAF and if the full title is required then Royal Air Force;
Good luck
Question Author
Petland - thanks again . That answer is completely logical .
I’m afraid the penny just hadn’t dropped for me!
Where can I get this quiz from please mrsmaggot
Question Author
Castle cafe in Huntly
Or Watson’s in Inverurie
Thank you
Question Author
You’re welcome . Both these places stock quizzes all the time

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Help For Heroes ( Closing Date 1St August)

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