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canasta | 13:02 Sun 16th Jun 2019 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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I’m trying to complete my entry for a quiz on the caravan rally. The answers are all birds and I’m stuck on the last few. Can anyone help please?

19. Light the bonfire and retire quickly
20. Part of a fisherman’s equipment
21. Dig attacked the tea maker
25. Be a coward and give way
33. Hound used for hunting
48. Bird of ill omen ( think this may be albatross but what do others think?)

50 questions in all and think we’ve done quite well to get this far.


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33 harrier
19 iffy flamingo
25. Yellow ?? (something)
20 waders?
25 quail?
48. Magpie
25 Yellow Head??
Question Author
Thank you for quail, flamingo and harrier.

We thought of waders but doesn't look precise enough.

Keep your thinking caps on for the last few please.
20 flycatcher?
21 something tern ...... sounds like t(ea) urn
Question Author
We’ve already got tern as an answer for another question.
If dog rather than dig
Question Author
Yes @Toorak I’m thinking it’s a misprint.

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