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Teaandquizzes | 16:31 Mon 10th Jun 2019 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Hi all.
Firstly, I've lost the front sheet so please can you let me know if there is a no asking policy on this quiz? Thank you.
Also, this quiz is brilliant, if you haven't got it, check it out.

I'm stuck on 1 question and it's frustrating me.

What is next on the list? Michael, Donald, Robert, _ _ _ _ _ _

Thank you.


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George ......ramsey archbishops of Canterbury Michael ramsey Donald coggan Robert Runcie George carey
17:24 Mon 10th Jun 2019
George ......ramsey archbishops of Canterbury
Michael ramsey
Donald coggan
Robert Runcie
George carey
Question Author
Brilliant, thank you Mallyh
i need 2 on this quiz can you please help, Q16, Clement,Hugh, Harold,
---- (4) & Q25 link word, sheet ----- time. thank you.
16 James Callaghan
25 Music?
16 Michael Foot - leaders of the Labour party
Wasn't James Callaghan before Michael Foot, Captain?
He was, yes, Cash. Think I'm getting all muddled - was working with the (4) not realising it had to be a first name;
Tilly's 'Tony' (Blair) would fit but as you say James came after Harold.
I picked Tony 'cos it's four letters. :-)
Actually, I didn't see the 4, so now I don't know. I thought it was just a list of Labour leaders in order so gave J?C. Surely they can't want Neil Kinnock, he was much later than Wilson.
Did Callaghan win a General Election or did he just take over from Wilson?
If he didn't win a GE, then Tony (Blair) would fit as 'who is the next Labour Prime Minister to win a Gen Election...'
Or better
'who is the next Labour Party leader to become Prime Minister after winning a Gen Election...?'
i checked with the setter, he said Q16 was 4 letters, i thought it should be James,( party leaders), that's why i'm asking.
Vague question but I have to say, after reading your suggestions Captain, I think Tilly is right.
Just checked. Callaghan took over from Wilson mid-term and then lost the next Gen Elec, so I think my suggested question at 20:35 is correct; and TONY (Blair) is the answer.
Question Author
We came up with Tony and Music too
There you go!
leader of labour party ...
clement atlee
hugh Gaitskell
Harold Wilson
neil kinnock
Hugh Gaitskell didn't win a general election.

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Jennyruth Workshop Spring 2019 Quiz

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