Quiz Passed On From My Daughter

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netherfield | 19:36 Fri 31st May 2019 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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OK so my mum's been sent a quiz. These are all names of famous people but the English version of their names. You have to work out what their actual names are. We haven't got far yet.

Penny Cross - Penelope Cruz
Raphael Christmas - Rafa Nadal
Love Linden
Nicholas Lobster
Morris Very Little
Tom Sheep Farmer
Golden Abrahamson
Joe Piggy Bank
Tony Flags
John Partridge
Stephanie Earl
Philip Pasta


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Morris Very Little

Morris Minor.
4 Santa Clause
Tom Sheep Farmer = Tom Shepherd, presumably.
Golden Abrahamson

Jason Isaacs
John Partridge

John BIrd?
Tony Flags = Antonio Banderas
Morris Very Little = Mauricio Pochettino
Tom Sheep Farmer = Thomas Berger??
^or better Tomasz Schafernaker
This looks like quite a clever quiz. Is it available to the public?
Stephanie Earl = Steffi Graf
Question Author
Calibax, I've no idea it's been passed to my daughter, the quiz was sent to her friends mum, so where it originates I can't say.
Philip Pasta (probably)
Felipe Massa (translates as Philip Paste)
Tony Flags - Anthony Banderas
Oh heck.
1 Love linden- Dua (Albanian) Lipa (Polish)
Last one?

6 Joe Piggy Bank 

6 Pep Guardiola (Catalan)
John Partridge aka Jean Perdrix (french)

Iffy - I had not heard of him!
John Partridge- Giovanni Pernice (Italian)

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Quiz Passed On From My Daughter

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