Nairn Hydrotherapy Pool C/d 20/07/19 Kitchen Quiz

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crumbs6 | 23:02 Thu 09th May 2019 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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5. Carbon, joint, pot (4,3)

Any help is appreciated.


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Chip pan
Question Author

Thank you good goalie, I can go to sleep now! Brilliant.
Could you please help me with number 20 is it spaghetti stick? Never heard of it though.
what's the clue for No 20 ?
Anagram 2 words aceghiikpssttt I can only get spaghetti stick out of it but never heard of it.
Thanks bows
Spaghetti stick.
A stick of spaghetti !
Sounds ok to me.
Thank you klazomaniac, sorry Sam 1960, was out last night.
Thanks also bows13.
Spaghetti stick sounds good but the compiler says answers are non food items !!!
https://www.*Ad which shall not be named*.com/item/Stainless-Steel-Spaghetti-Measurer-Stick-Pasta-Noodel-Limiter-Measuring-Tool-With-4-Serving-Portion-Control-For/32243155674.html
Thanks PJS15. I was unaware of that.

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Nairn Hydrotherapy Pool C/d 20/07/19 Kitchen Quiz

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