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seekeerz | 01:24 Sat 27th Apr 2019 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Here are today's shaded clues for you -

11a May -----; one of the names by which lily of the valley or muguet is known, a plant symbolising the return of happiness according to the language of flowers [5]

26a Rain, ----- and Speed, - The Great Western Railway, painting by J M W Turner [5]

4d Bird traditionally housed in a cote [4]

25d James and the Giant -----, children's novel written by Roald Dahl [5]


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Bells Steam Dove Peach
01:25 Sat 27th Apr 2019



Hi Seekz, hope all is well x
Thanks Steff and well done Mamya.
Question Author
morning, mamya, thank you yes, all good !! just a bit later start now ....when the crossword comes through I'm usually organsing breakfast at 8.30, !! xx
Question Author
morning to you too, twix're things with you ?
Hi Twix, ta.

Yes Seekz, an awkward time to land on you.x
Morning all, I'd only gotten to the third one.

Well done Mamya.

I'm not too bad thanks Steff, but Mrs. T has various ongoing problems - that's the trouble with growing old !
Question Author
Morning Tony :))

It's a problem, that growing old lark !! Why can't we do it when we're young :( :))

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Fao - The Km Players

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