Perfect Resonance Easter Quiz 1St May

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bluebell56 | 21:06 Fri 19th Apr 2019 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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This is a local quiz all connected with Easter. Only one question to complete the quiz -
Which of these class of animals does not lay eggs - Molluscs, Reptiles, Mammals or Birds? I thought it was Mammals but not sure. Any help appreciated.
Thank you.


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Think you're right. All the others lay eggs.
Well birds do, some snakes do and some mammals do (duckbilled platypus, spiny ant eaters..), and some molluscs do- so i'm not sure what to put
Of those choices you'd hae to say - Mammals.

However there is a mammalian subclass that lays eggs.
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It seems to be a tricky one. It is the very first question on the quiz and it's not the type of quiz for a trick question. Maybe it is.
Thanks cashier, fiction-factory and Mamyalynne.
Mammals--duck billed platypus and echidna do.
Some reptiles and molluscs lay eggs.
Birds lay eggs
Question Author
Thank you Andres. I think I will put Mammals with the exception of..... like you suggest. Much appreciated.
^^^ let us know the answer when you get to know.
The platypus and echidna are 'famous' for being the exception to the rule - in general mammals don't lay eggs. Similarly the few reptiles that have live births are very much the exception - so the obvious answer in a general quiz is surely mammals.

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Perfect Resonance Easter Quiz 1St May

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