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larkrise | 13:25 Sat 13th Apr 2019 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Hi, This is a local quiz to raise money for Reaching the Unreached of Village India. The answers are all fictional youngsters. I'm stuck on the last few and it's due in today. Any help gratefully received.
1) N. Ireland goalkeeper who could be blue (4,8)
2) It's cowardly to put cobalt, lithium, nitrogen 1st (5,6) - I've got Colin but can't get the surname
3) Safe to inter H2O first (5,9)
4) Goes with jolly ambler (5,6) - surely that should be Happy Walker but who's he?!
5) Church doctor in charge, Mr Flynn (6,5)


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5 CE Dr ic + Errol (Little Lord Fauntleroy)
2 colin craven
Question Author
Thank you JJ109. I'd never have got that one.
Question Author
Thanks aelmpvw, just Googled him!
3.Peter Waterbury - Peter(safe) +water(H20) + bury (inter)
The Railway Children
4 Roger somebody ???
Roger Walker (Swallows and Amazons)
Pat Jennings was a N. Ireland goalkeeper.
Jennings was a schoolboy in the stories of Anthony Buckeridge
His Christian name (hardly used) was John so it is the right number of letters. But I do not get the "BLUE" connection
4 Roger Walker (Swallows and Amazons)
jj letter pattern is 4,8
Oops, sorry jj ignore that.
Question Author
Thanks everyone. It's finished. Believe it or not I'd just got Roger Walker myself after JJ109 steered me towards Roger instead of happy! Thanks dannyk13 and cashier.
Could be - and by coincidence the other main character in the Jennings novels was called Darbishire (Blue John comes from Derbyshire!)

Thanks Danny, it is indeed a possibility.
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One last question please. Someone called Raykay had already posted another of the clues which was Boy almost in a cycling race? (8,6) and the answer given was Shamrock Gander. Can anyone explain the answer? I don't get it.
Nor me.
i gave it as a very iffy answer shamrock gander (boy)is the nephew of Gladstone gander and shamrock is a make of racing bike .
Question Author
If anyone's interested I got the quiz back today and the answer to Boy almost in a cycling race? (8,6) was Georgina Kirrin.

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