Name The Flowers And Abbreviations

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tatty1 | 16:46 Fri 12th Apr 2019 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Name the Flowers
4. this is very neat, but very prickly (8)
8. Evergreen Wine? (9)

5. Z P O (4,10,6)
6. S S P (9,4,3)
10. M O M I (6,2,6,6)

Thanks in advance for the last hour, all done for this month

closing date 04/05/19 for Kings head bowling club


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4 Prim-rose
8 Hollyhock
5 answerred as Zero population growth by mallyh
10 Museum Of Moving Images.
6 Statutory Sick Pay
That's a good answer BB for 10 - maybe the setter is being a bit lax?
If that's the case, Mamya, it wouldn't surprise me. We once were faced with a crossword puzzle in which the setter thought that the international abbreviation for the Netherlands (on cars) was NE.
True, errors happen.
Ah! It appears that MOMI is/was a recognised abbreviation:
Oh yes , MOMI is fine , it's in my link too - it was the letter count of the answer I was querying.
4) Primrose?
8) Hollyhock?

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Name The Flowers And Abbreviations

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