St Marys Church Blackpool C/d 6Th April

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shaley | 21:19 Sat 23rd Mar 2019 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Passing in the night?
7. Following Victory was She Bold,Audacious or reckless ?
Your In The Army Now
29.Pantone 281,Hexcode 002147,CMYK 100,80,0,60
Of European Heritage
56. O.404686 Hectares
Water Music- Name the Songs
62.T'Pau, 1987.
Any Help please ? Clues Only


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62 check out their first album
29 Leads you to shades of a colour.
Question Author
Thank you Cashier all solved.
Still working on the answer Mamyalynne thank you
62 To give it all you've got, put your 5 3 4 into it. (I think this is the answer)
7 it's not easy deciding on this one. I've been googling ships for half an hour now and am no nearer. Could be on the wrong track but was thinking ships that pass in the night.
7 Could this relate to something which for 12 years has being the biggest attraction in Scotland, and is at Leith. ??
56 What does 0.404686 hectares equate to = 1 (what?)
Answer is a place in the Middle east that was of great significance to the Crusaders.
7 French ship (the word in French means bold or rash)
google.... the word in French means bold and rash^^^^^
Question Author
Thank you all will get my thinking cap on and Google
7 Ignore my 23.07 offering - completely off track.

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St Marys Church Blackpool C/d 6Th April

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