St Mary's Church Blackpool 24 C/d 6Th April And St Giles Village Hall C/d 30Th April

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Ninnynanny | 13:31 Sat 23rd Mar 2019 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Please could I have a clue to the actress name , number 107, wearing a large red hat. Thank you.

St Giles Village Hall Quiz C/D 30th April. I am not very good with music quizzes and need a bit of help please. A song title: 50 S C sung by D.

Opening song lyrics that are missing the vowels: NUMBER 5. HRRYTRMNDRSDYRDCHNJHNNRYSTHPCFWLTRWNCHLLJDMGG


Questions with connections; no 2. One of their cover versions featured in Sense8 and Sons of Anarchy.
no 4. Her speech therapy was used in the London 2012 Olympics.

Thank you for any help.


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Were you able to listen to the first lines of my tunes Ninnynanny ?
00:36 Sun 24th Mar 2019
The setter has stated "There is a no asking policy on this quiz".

That refers to the St Giles Village Hall Music Quiz.
Which one Fib? There are 2 mentioned up there ^^^
Ta - crossed posts.

107 It isn't an actress.

That's the best clue I can give you.
107to add to mamyalynne connected to agatha christie
Question Author
St Mary's church Quiz, clues can be asked from today.
Nothing is specified on St Giles Music quiz sheets
Hi Bows, yes I realise that she is connected to the author that I have left, but cannot find an image at all, and I don't understand Mama's Blackpool clue. Thank you for trying to help me.
The picture is not a woman.
Cover page of St Giles in red print.

There is a no asking policy on this quiz.
Question Author
I actually don't have a front page for this quiz. I have used the previous quiz for address details, and I had previously asked for 2 answers on their quiz.
Having been an AB who gives details of quizzes and C/Ds unlike the majority who use this site, maybe you should direct your venom towards them, in stead of just giving them answers when they do not give any quiz sheet details at all, even not letting ABs know where to get quiz sheets from, thus robbing charities of extra money.
Who precisely has directed any venom?
I have asked the setter to clear up any confusion re policy on this.
After so many were asked from the TV quiz for St Giles he decided to make it an no asking quiz
Ok I won't answer the question I shall just provide a nice tune that may help you with one of your answers!
If you are going to demonstrate your glee in not really answering but answering, try this site to shorten unwieldy links.
Thanks Mamya, any help is appreciated!
There's a no asking policy on this quiz
St Mary's try the play the importance of being earnest
Question Author
Thank you Bows, much appreciated

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St Mary's Church Blackpool 24 C/d 6Th April And St Giles Village Hall C/d 30Th April

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