St Guthlacs London Quiz C/d 31 St Aug

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smurf | 18:51 Sun 17th Mar 2019 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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All answers to do with london
10 which is the newest of the 12 underground lines (7)
21 what links park square with regent park(6 7)
30 what is celebrated for its porters pies and oysters (5)
31 what was st Stephens until 1934 (5 2 7)
33 dominate game many go to see in London (5 6)
Thanks for any help


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30 Rules (Restaurant)
Details of how to get a copy of this quiz please.
Question Author
St guthlacs’s church ladies guild
Kay and jan
6 florence way
Market deeping
Price £1
33 something tennis??
I have not received the answers for the St Guthlacs Ladies Quiz, about Transport, C/D 31.01.19. Neither have I received the next quiz, which I presume is this one that is already being asked, despite closing date of 31st August.
I receive the quiz sheets for St Guthlacs by email, but I cannot find an email address, please could someone let me know what it is. Thank you
Thank you Smurf.
33 tower bridge
30 Rules rules restaurant
a skelding summary ^^^^^
Ninnynanny, I have always got mine via post from these ladies, so cannot help with an email address - it's some years since they stopped advertising on here I think.

Is the address not on an old email you've had from them?
Question Author
Thank you like you mamyalyne I always get this quiz by post so do not have an e mail for them
I sent in the transport one but I don't think I sent for the next as I didn't see it advertising a follow on at the time at least I don't think it did. I could be mixing it up with another quiz so will wait and see.
I agree, it is a bit unfair and too soon for asking.
I sure wish I had an email for them.
This address is from a quiz from 2015 so I don't know whether it is still valid, as yet I haven't tried it.
I think this address was when Jill did the quizzes then someone called Henry so I don't think it will be worth even trying. Sorry.
I sent in the Transport one and sent in an SAE for my answers to be marked and the new quiz came with it.
Oh and I must admit I`m rather shocked at the early asking!!
If you would like to send for this quiz, the contact email to use is:
31st August is FIVE months away.
Good grief - the early asking is getting worse!

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St Guthlacs London Quiz C/d 31 St Aug

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