Cryptic Clues To Flowers And Plants

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ziggystardust | 20:31 Fri 15th Mar 2019 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Hi, Many thanks for all answers yesterday, here are some more that I have trouble with, all are flowers or plants and no number of letters given.

1, Never admire yourself in a pool!

2, Discourage Umbrellas

3, Its been handed down to us

4, Not a mollusc at all!
5, Buy after dark to smell good
6, Using a verb enables this plant to be imagined
7, This plant stirs your juices
8, A rich union

Many thanks again in advance


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1 Narcissus
7 Succulent
8 marigold
3 London Pride
Hi ziggystardust, it would be nice if you would post details of the Quiz (title, how to obtain, closing date, etc) so that others may send for it and boost the coffers. Thank you.
2 Geum, in clue.
6 Verbena, in clue.
5 Night scented stock?
4 Shrimp plant?

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Cryptic Clues To Flowers And Plants

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