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footfairy | 20:26 Tue 26th Feb 2019 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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St Andrews Church, Epworth. Closing date 23rd April. Really stuck on this last one. Answer sounds like a +b (a)Carbuncle (7), (b)Wharf (4) = 2 words.


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Hi. Please can you are looking for 2 words that sound like a+b together?
New quiz available from or with a stamped SAE from D Smith 111A Westgate, Belton, Doncaster DN9 1PY.
30 sets of clues to solve to give an answer which 'sounds like' the clues you have solved! £1.00 coin or cheque payable to St Andrew's Church, Epworth PCC
Prizes £10.00 and 2x £5.00 Closing date April 23rd 2019

Using sounds like...
(a)Carbuncle (7)+ (b)Wharf (4) = a 2 word phrase.
Question Author
Yes J9PUR, (example: Makes money (5)...Secret agents(5) = Mints...spies. answer Mince pies)
With the example you have given footfairy, is there a letter count for the final expression, answer? Was there a 5,4 for mince pies?
No count given for last part

clues for you Footfairy

A. Think buildings not skin

B. An opener
I can see the word for (a) (think Prince Charles) but haven't worked out the wharf bit yet
Almost two months left, you'll get there.

It's a great quiz.
The wharf bit was the easiest.
Well I can think of a 4 letter word for wharf and a seven letter word for the carbuncle- but I can't make anything meaningful when i add (a) and (b).
If you're still stuck nearer time for posting it FF then ask for a fresh hint.
No hints needed and i'm sure you know I'm not doing it, Mamyalynne. It will come to me
It seems odd though that posters happily give answers but on some threads everyone seems to stop short of giving an answer. Surely everyone isn't doing this quiz
I'll give the odd answer to a quiz finishing in a few days or a week, longer time and I prefer clues.

If it's a problem.

Eyesore Quay

Ice Hockey
It was my last one to solve too.
Question Author
Thank you all very much...done now.
So you give an answer with 2 months to go because someone not doing the quiz doesn't seem to like the fact that you gave a clue
No - because I lost my rag.

I have given one answer.
Well I can see why you would do that - so OK just wondered
You're spot on, I shouldn't have (even my patience has a limit some days)- I'll explain to the setter.
If answering is making you angry, perhaps you should stop for a while?
It can't be good for your health.

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