Children Of Fiji Quiz Money Matters C/d 3Rd March

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owllady | 16:26 Sat 09th Feb 2019 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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28) Found on the dark side of the moon
34)Edge of Berlin for example
35) Taken by someone who thinks they deserve praise
38) Linking BH, IQ, JO and KW
45) Listen to Bocelli or Warson
48) 17,388 charities between us

Thanks for any help


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45 tenner sounds like tenor
28 Money is a track on Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon LP
28 money ....from the album dark side of the moon by pink floyd
34 B-eg? or are they all currencies/direct money items?
34 Billion? B(erlin)N is an abbreviation for billion
35 Credit?
48 The Charity Commission ?
38 financial services???
38 Dinar
Bahrain, Iraq, Jordan and Kuwait all use the dinar
Question Author
Thank you all very much. Still struggling with this quiz
Comment from the setter who does no advertise his quiz on AB
We are very disappointed in how people just ask for the answers and share them. The quizzes are just meant to be fun and this spoils it. It’s not as if the prizes are large and people are doing it to win large sums of money. We just do it to raise funds for our charity and wish people would enter into the spirit of a fun quiz and not ruin it for others.
Was there a "no asking on the internet" rule in the competition rules, smouse?
I don't follow your logic though smouse. If these people have paid for the quiz then the aim of raisng money has been achieved. And if it's for fun rather than for big prizes why does someone asking on here for help spoil it for those who never even look into AB?
There isn't a rule on the quiz sheet, though some have suggested this to the setters in the past.
Agree with you f-f
This quiz is a pay up front, so I do see that point - from my view it's almost as if people are getting the best of a quiz by tussling with it and giving the answers whilst in some cases not having paid to the charity.

Yes , I know some do the quiz and also share clues or answers too.

I don't think there's a simple solution to please all.

It is not my comment is the setters.

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Children Of Fiji Quiz Money Matters C/d 3Rd March

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