Who First Clarified Glass, When Was This And Where Was He Resident Of.

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mickman | 12:48 Fri 08th Feb 2019 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Had no luck finding the answer the nearest answer I got was the phoenicians.


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As the question reuires the name of an individual I don't believe it will be the Phoenicians. Glass has been made all over the world by many nations independently and most will not have a "name" of an individual.

Therefore I presume the process of "clarifying" glass is much later and was invented by an individual. I have to admit, I don't exactly know what the process involves, but I will add George Ravenscroft as a possibiity (not probability)!
The Romans had clear glass - presumably not clear enough
and the egyptians

a presumably means the fella who got the bottle base texture out of glass production. 18th-19th cent

The pilkington float glass process which gives very long lengths of clear glass is 1950s and probably was invented by one person but he doesnt get credit

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Who First Clarified Glass, When Was This And Where Was He Resident Of.

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