Homophones C/d 18/03

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shaley | 20:38 Mon 04th Feb 2019 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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40.gem double (5,4)
69. period of worry (5,4)
83. Connected Grass (6,6)
86. Sign Of Instrument (6,6)
94. casts out pains (6,6)

any help much appreciated?


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94 throws/throes
jewel dual
69 Phase/faze?
best I can do for 83 is linked/links
83 Serial/cereal
83- joined/joint if the count should be 6,5?
scorpiojo's is much better!
Question Author
Thank you all for yours answers
Can anyone confirm that the letter count is right for question 13 please
I think it should be 6 6 .
What was the clue please bibster?
Pepper is cold is the question.
Question Author
Chili /Chill
Presumably bibster's answers are

Chilli and Chilly

... and I tend to agree.
That was what I thought captain2
I've finished the quiz now but am I right in thinking that, although they were in alphabetical order, some of them weren't if you see what I mean.
Kustard - I have an answer that begins with c but is not quite in the right order alphabetically. Is this the same for you?

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Homophones C/d 18/03

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