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queenofmean | 19:58 Sat 19th Jan 2019 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Good Evening and once again welcome to this week's Mad Over Fifties Club here at Queenie’s Quay.

Since it’s very cold outside and the water has frozen on the lake we shall be indoors for most of the evening, we have provided skates should you wish to partake in a touch of ice skating.

In the main hall we have put on a hearty warming spread. We have a beef casserole with dumplings, chilli and rice and spaghetti bolognese. We have the usual horses doovers and volly vents. On the Pudding Trolley we have Crumbles (peach, cherry, apple and rhubarb) custard or cream is available.

This evenings Tailcock is the Thermal Vest...potent whisky blend with a touch of rum.

Unfortunately we don’t have the Tone Deafs this evening they are away getting instruments retuned, but we have a local singer, Fisherman Jim who will be singing sea shanties and all songs nautical. In the cinema room we have Octopussy, Finding Nemo, the Little Mermaid and Jaws on a reel. The bungee is likely to be up and running next week just waiting for the elastic to arrive.

We have all sorts of games in the games room dominoes, cards and Monopoly etc.

For the Rofl I have
⅓ bag broccoli florets
Excess cardboard boxes
7 bottles of Peach Bubble bath
1 tennis ball

Carriages at Midnight

Enjoy your evening I shall be about but I’m at my future in-laws as we’ve had a small health scare, so I’ll drop in now and again and to do the ROFL.


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Question Author
Perhaps people have other clubs to attend, Queenie. They may look in later.

Question Author
True or they have decided to stay in the warm...
I'm 42 today. Do I qualify for MOFC? If not, can someone sign me in as a guest? :)
I'll sign ya in, LadyCG.

Right then I've got a bone to pick with those 'Tone Deaf's', I auditioned to join their band and got rejected, they said I was no good because I sang in tune.
For the ROFL I have 10 Rizla filter tips, one left Doc Marten boot ( ox blood ) and one dashboard heater vent for a 66 Hilman Imp.
A bucket ( Orange ) of that terrific sounding Tailcock if you please.
By the way LadyCG before I sign you in have you got your affiliation card.
Question Author
I’m only 30 but I took over the reigns from Nungate so by all means Ladycg ;) Happy Birthday too!

Oh dear Tony!

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