Rotary Club Of Uttoxeter - Famous People Quiz. C/d 22/1

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hellywelly4 | 15:43 Fri 11th Jan 2019 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Help appreciated on my last few:
5.Film mad man could be half or dim but a thief can pick one.
25. Californian coastal city without its start ends up in a coffee shop
38. She'll take you to court over a noisy dog
43. Common British soldier is swift in the forest. Tommy ?

Also No. 18 - The Crystals met him on a Monday on a British Racing Yacht initially my boy.
I've got Ron Bryson but wonder if he's famous enough?

The clue are clever and could be anagrams


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43 Yes, Tommy

Swift, think fast or some ships + synonym for forest.
25 (San) ? + not Starbucks
38 question of sport
5 Mel Gibson film + not very clever
Yes, Ron +initial letters of British Racing Yacht +son
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Thanks for your help. I had a brainwave and got 25.. Got 43 now thanks Mamy, Also got 38 thanks to ellie.
Still not sure over No 5. I thought the surname was Timlock but couldn't find anyone famous. Tim is nice but dim. Am I on the wrong track?
5, a three letter word that follows half and dim + lock
5 Someone not very bright is a half? or a dim?
^ sounds like^
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Thank you everyone. Can send it off now. Good quiz, I really enjoyed it.
Hellywelly 4 where did you get your brainwave for no 25. Could I have a clue as all I can find at the moment is Monica Bucks - and she isn't well known enough! Somewhere it says not Starbucks - so which ccoffe house?
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A city on the coast of Californian which starts with San. Use the second part of the name and you will get it immediately I'm sure. Not San Francisco.
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Not the name of a coffee shop - what you can buy there.
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Ignore my last reply, but it is something to do with coffee I think!
Thank you - I think I've got it now I was really on the wrong train of thought!!

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Rotary Club Of Uttoxeter - Famous People Quiz. C/d 22/1

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