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matty05 | 14:49 Sat 29th Dec 2018 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Can you please help with answers to Picture Gallery - Identify These Artists/Actors/Celebrities. A to H. Thank you very much :-);stc=1&d=1546082320


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Any luck with D. Matty?
Think I have the rest if you are still looking...

Question Author
Hi Tigger1971, I am stuck on pics C, D & E. Am also stuck on the same question (No. 9 in Books Section). I would appreciate any help. Thanks a lot
What is question 9?
Question Author
9. Who puts slippers for her boyfriends Mammy under the Christmas Tree and buys 'sandal-toe' American tan tights for special occasions?
Question Author
Thank you so much Toorak. Much appreciated.
Hi again Matty, I see Toorak has helped with No. 9.
Here are my answers to the picture gallery -
A. Elizebeth Dibicki.
B. Rejjie Snow.
C. Stephen P. Kiernan.
D. ????
E. Stanley Townsend.
F. Barry Keohan.
G. Michael Kelly.
H. Emelie Pine.
If you or anyone can help with D. Please let me know.
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Thank you very much for this Tigger1971. I have a few people working on D. Hopefully one will come up trumps, and I'll let you know then.
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Hi Tigger, Just came across answer to D. Hazel Gaynor. If you Google the name, you will get the same pic in the quiz. Good luck and thanks again for your help.
Cheers Matty, that was really bugging me. Thank God that's over.
Bless you for you kindness.
I don't think C is Stephen P Kiernan. Any other suggestions?
Question Author
Hi bunnis, That is the only one I have doubts about too, but I cannot come up with an alternative. At least not yet
Question Author
Thank you Tigger. Bless you too :-)
Thank you for that. If you could up with anything let me know. It's a be ridiculous to have a picture with such bad quality tbh. God bless.
Any joy with this Matty? I thought it was Stephen P. but now I know it isn't.
Did you come with anything?
Question Author
Sorry Tigger, I spent so many hours on this but came up with nothing. I sent off my entry, even though I'm fairly sure that I have this one wrong

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Great Arts Quiz - Sunday Independent Dec 23Rd 2018

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