Collective Noun Quiz C/d 14Th Jan

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smurf | 14:05 Thu 06th Dec 2018 | Quizzes & Puzzles
26 Answers
All answers are collective nouns of animals
3 a horse in a strong wind (6 2 5)
4 heard in a broadcast (4 2 4)
16 a gooseberry before lunch (6 2 6)
30 sounds like part of the school year and lubricant(7 2 9)
31 Troy had one (5 2 6)
32 Peter in a criminal world (4 2 5)
36 could be about 7 (6 2 6)
40 reportedly a Yorkshire river
Thank for any help


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4 herd of cows
3 Gaggle of geese
30 turmoil (term+oil) of porpoises
31 drove of horses?
16 am (before lunch) + bush (gooseberry) - ambush of tigers
32 safe of ducks ?
32 Safe of ducks
Is there a letter count for Q 40 ?
What is answer to No. 7?
40 Rabble (of butterflies)??
sounds like Ribble
31,Siege of herons.

Jo, fib ?


Question Author

answer I have to No 7 is parcel of penguins//

Fibonacci, Danny.
Ah! thanks.
40,Nye of pheasants?
nye is a synonym of Nid(Yorkshire river)
Aaah - thank you Danny for the synon.

I was really having difficulty with "Rabble sounds like Ribble" and then "Nye" on its own.

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Collective Noun Quiz C/d 14Th Jan

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