Save The Children C/d 18Th Jan

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shaley | 10:07 Thu 06th Dec 2018 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Question 11 and Question 35 are both- It came upon the .......... (8,5)

Can anyone confirm is it the same answer?


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midnight clear
can be sang with "a"or "the"
Where is the quiz from, shaley?
Is it the one listed here
The poster has added
"Please note: question 11 and 35 are the same. "
Question Author
Thank you Fibonacci ... I have looked but could not see any comments.

Thankyou mallyh i did have the answer but wasn't sure if I had to put it twice.
Hello Shaley
I noticed this as well. I presume it is an error from the setter. I wouldn't worry about it. It happens sometimes.
I spotted that and queried it with the setter who confirmed it.

Hence why I mentioned it when adding details of the quiz to AB.

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Save The Children C/d 18Th Jan

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