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Any letters?
paul Hollywood?
if its take a break 49 /50 its noel fielding
Maybe yogi meant 4,8 then
yes it is 4 8 .it's a 2 part quiz where you have to recognise people with Christmassy names then cross ringed letters from a list and the four remaining letters make a word x
Same puzzle, (I'm useless at it)

Bubbly TV presenter (3.4) or (5, 10)

Newsreader ditto

noel fielding if take a break
News - Jon Snow
holly willoughby

Has anyone ever won anything from Take A Break?? We seem to have been doing it forever without winning!
no ,but I've won find my cat in love it and a chat prize ,I too have been doing them all for ever x

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Kooky Tv Host 4,9

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