Ditloids Help, Please

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Angleflame | 19:36 Mon 19th Nov 2018 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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I need some help please.

3 V(F,H & C)
9 D Q (L J G)
6 N of the P
202 H (in F) of T M in L
70 M S on a U K M
12 S on a D
8 GFW on the B S
37 N B T in D C
4 R in a P T

Thank you all. x


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5 70 mile speed limit on a UK motorway
6 Is it 12 or 21. If 21 then spots on a dice
7 8= gale force wind on the Beaufort Scale
9. 4 riders in a polo team
1. 3 Virtues (Faith, Hope & Charity)
202 Height (in feet) of The Monument in London
8. 37 Natural Body Temperature in Degrees Centigrade
6. 12 sides on a dodecahedron
37 Normal body temperature in degrees centigrade
37 Natural Body Temperature in Degrees Celsius
2. 9 days as Queen (Lady Jane Grey)
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Thank you all so very much. Just 6 - N of The P to do.

Brilliant x
6 = Number of the Prisoner
(Patrick Mcgoohan)
Question Author
Fabulous, thank you so much. All done now. You clever lot :) x

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Ditloids Help, Please

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