Fao The K M Players ....

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seekeerz | 01:29 Mon 19th Nov 2018 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Morning all .....seems there's a major outage of some description here and I can't access the Telegraph site .....until such time as they contact me the results are on hold, sorry about the delay.

On the other hand, if some one has the answers from today's Herculis, I'd be very happy to have them


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Here are the shaded clues and my answers:

30a Food/ingredient used for toasties or croquet-monsieur (6) CHEESE
6d The _ Must Go On; single on Queen's album Innuendo (4) SHOW
14d Substance, formula H2O (5) WATER
26d According to the peerage system, title of a knight's wife (4) LADY

So I guess that makes the links:

Blue Cheese
Game Show
Pink Lady
Water Polo

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Fao The K M Players ....

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