The Rainbow Centre. Things We Wear Quiz

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SADQ | 13:59 Thu 18th Oct 2018 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Things we wear
6. nothing glorious about these, 14, letters
18,the best hidden secrets, 6, letters
21, horses neck, 6/5, letters
27,drains work well without these, 5, letters
32, arrests a dangerous flow, 10, letters
37, right old mix ups !!, 12, letters
any help please.
thanks in advance


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27 clogs?
6 Knickerbockers
6. Knickerbockers
27. Pumps?
32. Restraints?
37 Combinations?
32 drainpipes?
21 collar studs
18 covert (coat)
18 cloaks?
32 could be underpants too- but I'm not sure any of the answers so far quite work as the clue suggests a singular answer
32 tourniquet?
I suppose they are worn (bey necessity rathe rthan by choice).
Better than anything I can come up with- shame condom is only 6 letters
Great answer xx
There is a 10 letter word for something worn that arrests a flow but it's not a dangerous flow
21 Riding Habit ??
21 halter necks but has neck in clue

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The Rainbow Centre. Things We Wear Quiz

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