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888 | 15:01 Mon 08th Oct 2018 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Which TOWN is the largest in the Yorkshire Dales National Park?


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Grassington has a population of around 4,600.
... As Skipton is the nearest and largest town to most of the small towns and villages within the Dales . Population 14.600 plus
^^^ Skipton is outside the Park's boundary. See the map here:

I agree that Grassington is the biggest town within the Park.
Bc - thanks and agree. I wonder which devil moved the boundary, probably the quiz setter.
Er, hang on a moment!

I'd trusted Sniffa's population figure for Grassington when deciding that it's the largest town in the park. Wikipedia and other sources all put the population of Grassington at around 1100. In which case, Sedburgh, with a population of over 2700 is the largest town. (It's just slightly bigger than that of Settle).

That, of course, assumes that 'largest' refers to the population of a town. If it refers to the area the answer might still be different!
Hawes in the centre of the NP has about 3.500.
As you say, it depends whether it means largest area or population.
Hawes Pop. 1,137
Yes Mamya, I didn't look deep enough, the 3.500 was for the district.
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Thank you for these. What would the largest by size be?
Web-searching doesn't readily find the area of the towns which have been mentioned in this thread. If we can't find the areas I doubt that the quiz-setter could either. i.e. I'm reasonably confident that he/she is seeking an answer based upon population, in which case Sedburgh is your answer.

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