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888 | 20:08 Tue 25th Sep 2018 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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1. Which town is the largest in the Yorkshire Dales National Park?
2.Where was the country's first swimming pool?
3. What is a Tonser?
4.West Yorkshire town noted for it's fine Victorian architecture
5. Where can you see a pavement maze and yew pyramids?
6. Broadest and longest valley in the North Yorkshire Moors
7.Famous novelist born in Halifax ( J S Fletcher or Phyllis Bentley?)
8.Miniature gorge in Wharfedale
9. A noble ruin in Wharfedale (Bolton Abbey, Fountains Abbey?)
10.Market town with a Norman Castle (Skipton, Richmond?)
11.A village with Australian marsupial connections
12.What is a Demmock?
13.Illingsworth's notorious murderer
14. Where is the gravestone to the six potholers who died in the Mossdale cavern in 1967?
15. Wharfedale Peak
16.Which was the first railway to reach the Yorkshire coast?
Hope this isn't too many, but I'll be grateful for any answers please


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4. Whitby?
The only thing I can find for tonser is "riding your bike as fast as you can" but can't see it being this somehow. Can't find demmock!
5 Castle Howard?

Same as Gill55 for tonser and demmeck.
13a John Christie
7 There is a Frank King as well as the two you mentioned.
14a Possibly St. Mary's Church, Conistone
Could you post the name of the quiz (not just the theme) and the closing date for this quiz as per site guidelines.
Lots of interest in all things Yorkshire on Answerbank at the moment and others may well be interested in supporting the charity and wish to send for a copy. Thanks
8 Strans Gill
Note to sanmac - Whitby is probably as far east as you can get in Yorkshire

I'd go for Hebden Bridge
9 does look like Bolton Abbey (belongs to Duke of Devonshire)
2 Yearsley
Aye aye, Captain2, sir. Got me compass headings all in a tizzy there is wot I done. Good thing oi didn't have the helm:)
Indeed sanmac we'd be well up the river without a paddle. ;0))))
Question Author
Hi, I'm back again. Many thanks for all your answers. Just a few more to add.
1. A village with Australian marsupial connections.
2. Where did the rising of the North in 1569 start?.
3. A place once sacred to the Norse God Odin, the God of war.
It is Marie Curie Hospice Bradford's "So this is Yorkshire" quiz
3 in the second list

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