Help On Link Words Please?

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AuntLydia | 12:29 Wed 22nd Aug 2018 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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These Link Words are driving me nuts . Middle words have to link first and last word & all have six letters . Just for fun but these have beaten me.

FREE ?????? SHARE ( think this may be HOLDER but not sure if HOLDER SHARE is a phrase





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free market share?
last minute waltz
3 dating
carbon dating agency
free time share
6 letters Mally :-)
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Market ( needed an M for the final clue) Minute (needed an N) and Dating (needed an N )

Honestly its such a 'doh!' moment when you get the correct answer! Never has the Womans Weekly caused so much angst as this week. ;-)

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Sorry! forgot to say Thank you so much.
while I'm here can someone explain how this clue has anything to do with the answer (which I got but will not put in)

clue: Excite irritable nun with a patriotic son 4,9 ???? / ??????????
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correction: excite irritable nun with patriotic SONG
Rule Britannia - anagram of irritable nun & a
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Danny Thanks. Did not think about anagrams. I'm a total beginner at crossword puzzles but getting hooked. Keeping my brain active that's for sure.

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Help On Link Words Please?

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