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PenWise | 15:55 Tue 14th Aug 2018 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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I am stuck on two of the questions in this years quiz, probably the easiest in the quiz!!!

1 Mr Mr
Kendall Bragg

(I wilfully cause others to suffer and feel not concern about it)

The words inbetween the brackets above are in a speech bubble coming from CASPIAN

Any help would be much appreciated


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assume it says NO concern. That points to Cruel.
Cruel Sea?
too late!
Question Author
Thanks so much, yes it was a typo on my part.

The other question should show BRAGG written under Mr and KENDALL written under the other Mr.

Too many 'senior moments' these days!!
The only Braggs I can think of are Melvyn and Billy
The only Kendalls (apart from Kendall Jenner) are Howard kendall and Peter Kendall
1st one Melvin and Howard
Thanks Tuvok. Never heard of it but yes there was a film of that name.
I had the ingredients but couldn't put them together.
Question Author
Oh yes so obvious when you see it written down, i had been looking with the spelling MELVYN and not even thinking of Howard, no wonder i was getting nowhere!!

Thanks again, now i will be waiting in anticipation of the Christmas Dingbats
Hope that you don'y mind me piggybacking PenWise

Couldn't have helped with and too late for 2

Please can you help with
15. DOINIGORS - CRUSADE is written 5 times down RH side with the fifth one (I sure that its something to do with Indians Jones and the Last Crusade but can't work out DOINIGORS)

As you've solved it I'll explain

INIGO(Jones) in (Diana) DORS
Question Author
No problem, but i see mamyalynne has beaten me to it.

Good luck everybody
Thank you mamyalynne (and PenWise) I had to to say it out loud aa few time before the penny dropped :-)

I thought that was me finished but when I went to put it in the envelope I realised that I'd missed
43. a. Lay
b. Lei
c. Ley
d. Lei (underlined) Eagle
e. Ley
f. Lay
I can't get the Eagle has landed out of my head but again I' m not 100% sure Any pointers or hints would be greatly appreciated
a. Lay = Lay a

do the same with the underlined one and add what an eagle is.
43 ladybird
sorry mamyalynne you weren't there x
Remember to put a space in.

Good luck.
It's fine.
Question Author
My answers have been sent in so hope I filled it all in LOL
Thank you Mamya (again) & Mallyh

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