Pilsley Quiz Fish And Chips

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Shegs | 18:12 Fri 27th Jul 2018 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Last two clues

1. Elizabeth lays her own (4)
2. Great tectonic movers generating glazed chips (8,6) plates?

Many thanks


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2 Cracking Plates ??
Question Author
Not sure Fibonacci. I thought polished plates. I was thinking of mosaics and tessera.
Smashing (great) plates?
Question Author
Like the smashing plates Calibax and doh for Frys Professor Maisie. Should have thought of that!
Question Author
Thank you all again.
There are 50 questions and I managed to get the other 34!
Some right stinkers.
smashing plates fits the clue but what has it got to do with fish and chips?
Chips in the clue mallyh
thanks ,I thought the quiz was about potatoes and fish x
I could be wrong then. Just assumed because the word 'chips' was in the clue, that would be enough for the 'Fish and Chips' heading.

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Pilsley Quiz Fish And Chips

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