Rt 29

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redglenys | 21:06 Sat 14th Jul 2018 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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8a means of communicating from coast, holding eastern chart (9)
10a knight keeps starting over with dagger (4)
11a antelope is orally robust animal(10) h?r?e???s?
12a any programme to fix our net rake-off (4,2,7)
15a bound to die, an aberration after church (7)
16a nitrogen in mixed diesel oil producer (7)
20a hear of cream a girl needed to make condiment (10)
1d with the charm to distract Hitler's forces (9)
2d from Wales, gang I transformed from Scotland (10)
5d something he enriched- butter (4)
13d around river,perhaps, it's Autumn flower (10)
14 bird takes hour out by railway with rustics(9)


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16 Linseed
2d Glaswegian
11a Hartebeest
16 Anagram of N(itrogen) and DIESEL
2 Glaswegian
8 Semaphore
10 Kris
11 Hartebeest
12 Fake or Fortune
2d anagram of 'Wales gang I'
2 Glaswegian

5 Ghee

13 Nasturtium

14 P(h)easant ry
8a Semaphore
14 P(h)easant + R(ailwa)Y
20 Piccalilli
20 Piccallilli
1 Wehrmacht
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Thank you all for your help.
15a bound to die, aberration after church (7) ?h?I?e?
22a military vehicle to fail in America (4) n?n?
23a over there, peculiar aliens about to get cooked with onions (9) ?y?n?a?s? Lyonnaise?
22 tank
23 yes for Lyonnaise
15a Chained

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Rt 29

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