Uk Places Cryptic Clues

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Jadie-babie1 | 19:46 Wed 11th Jul 2018 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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1) Safe place for part of ***
2) sounds like it’s below the ground
3) Safe place for future king, tie the string around the pig meat
4) small metal fastener around fiesta
5) you consume nothing I have prepared
6) outdoor wear crossing
7)take out s and and you have a number one duo
8) new rangers manager getting old
9) murder oriental wedding partner

This is for a local treasure hunt game


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3 Knotting-ham; Nottigham
2. Neath (be)neath
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9 kilbride
9 Kil-bride
6 Coatbridge ?
8 (Steven ) Gerrards Cross?
8 Gerrard's cross ??
Can you elaborate on the ***** please - put a space between each letter
1 something haven?

6. Coatbridge
Question Author
Finonacci. It’s for a local treasure hunt thing. Its for tonight!

Still need 1) Safe place for part of a d Ike

3)Safe place for future king

6) you consume nothing I prepared

8) take out s and and you have a number one duo
1 Peacehaven?
3 Fort William ?
Blimey Prof, good memory or awful musical taste? ;0)))))
1 think Stonehaven is right for this a *** is a piece of sheet rock
I found a good list Captain2 (well that's my story and I'm sticking to it).

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Uk Places Cryptic Clues

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