Km Links June Week 1 Answers

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cliffyg | 06:38 Mon 04th Jun 2018 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Answers to this week's KM Links are


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Thanks Cliffy

Ok this is my attempt at scoring please let me know if I've messed up.

6 points - Jolly Roger
X ray
3points. Cliffyg
Margo Tester
Rose maybud
Ellie May
Wicked Tongue
Job jockey

1 point. 20 players

And a few still in the club house.
Cliffyg if you supply the links next week I'll carry on scoring if everybody wants
All the very best to Steff and her husband xx

You are both doing a sterling job and I'm so pleased you've taken over the task on my behalf :)
You're welcome Steff - only keeping your seat warm xxxx
Margo, check Jolly Roger's score.I think he had all four correct.
Avatar Image jollyroger66 Kite Mark
Needle Work
Tree House
Emerald Green
Thanks Danny as ever your are correct I knew I'd mess up somewhere.
My apologies Jollyroger with a brilliant
10 points
Oh dear I found another one
Elliemay should have - 6 points
There's a lot to check Margo, easy to miss something.:-)
Many thanks for carrying the can
you are doing a great job, and
much appreciated.
Thank you, cliffyg,
Give your faithful hound an extra bone!
I've just been through the entries too, and agree with upgrading jollyroger to a full house (brilliant!!) and elliemay with 3 matches. Also found Doof45 and Elspeth with 2 matches. I made it that 15 player have 1 point.

Thanks to the cliffyg team for posting the links, a big thank you to MargoTester for scoring. I didn't realise how nerve-shattering it is. But we'll get there!! Until next week x
Thanks Rose Maybud, thanks for checking!
Doof45 - 3
Elspeth - 3
I've changed their scores, I seem to have had a mental block with house! I now realise how ha d Steff works.
Thanks danny, Hang on in there Margo, You're doing a great job. Teething problems.
Thanks Jollyroger, I was rushing my fences, trying to keep up to Steff's high standards. Will try to do better next week.
Wow 6 points for me!! That's a first.
no need to check my score, i cleverly managed to evade all the correct links
Thank you Margo and Cliffy.
Very good of you both to step in. You are doing a great job.
Thanks for keeping the ship afloat, no easy task - well done to the point scorers.

Not me - again.

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Km Links June Week 1 Answers

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