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seekeerz | 01:16 Fri 01st Jun 2018 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Just a heads-up for everyone - I'm sorry but the Links will have to go into hibernation for the month of June.

As most of you know, Mr Seekeerz is not in the best of health and this, in addition to visits from family members from overseas, makes it impossible for me to run the game successfully.

If anyone feels inclined to step into the breech, go for it, and hopefully I'll be in a position to return in July :)


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Awe, all the best to MR. Seekeerz hope he gets well soon, totally understandable you've done a brilliant job constantly and I for one love having a guess at the words.

All the best to you both Xx
Hi Steff. I hope the Mr. S's treatment is being successful, although we all know that it can be very draining for all concerned. I'm sure that we all wish him a speedy recovery.

It will be good for you all to take some time out to see your family members..

I'll 'bump' your message later tonight / early tomorrow morning hopefully for other 'Linkers' to see it and maybe take up the challenge.

Best wishes to you all, and enjoy your family time. Adrian
sending my good wishes to you and mr Seekeerz and a big hug xx
Hope he gets well soon Steph.
seekeerz, concentrate on the most important people in your life , everything else can take a back seat.

Lots of love xxx
((seekz)) - concentrate on your family. I hope Mr seekz' treatment is successful & he shows improvement soon - my very best wishes to you all. x

I never get any points anyway... ;-)

Your husband comes first Seekz. Wishing him well, you take care too xxxx

Thank you for running the links with such devotion xx
Thoughts are with you, all the best to MR. Seekeerz hope he gets well soon. xx
Best wishes for your husband. We can wait! X
Hi, hope all goes well for Mr Seekerz. Don't worry and we will see you hopefully in July. XXX
Steff, as the others have said, you must concentrate on what's important and that's supporting your OH. I wish you both all the very best. I'd volunteer but haven't a clue how to go about it! My love to you both xx
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Thank you all for your lovely thoughts and wishes, it's so great to have your support at a time when I'll need all the strength i can muster.

The outlook is a bit bleak at the moment, but Mr seekeerz is being very brave and the girls are wonderful, and I have such great support, so thank you. Xxx
Best wishes to you all, Steff x
All the best wishes to you and Mr. seekerz and hope he improves soon. Stay strong and look after yourself too. Big hugs to you both.xx
Sorry to hear that, Seekeerz. Hope Mr S will soon improve. Take care of yourself xx
Hope things turn out well for Mr Seekeerz, Steff.
Love and best wishes to you and Mr Seekeerz. xx
Best wishes to you and the OH Steff - take care
Thinking of you and your family skz.
my thoughts are with you
take care of you and yours and hope things improve
and on the bright side I will be joint winner in June : )
again take care x

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