Places In Suffolk

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Angleflame | 18:16 Thu 10th May 2018 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Could you help with the last few questions, please.

Places in Suffolk

1)This shortened form of a new testament book has value
2)A legal proceeding with no I
3)A court with no H
5)A question for this city
6) Spounds like panache for the porker

Many thanks in advance


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3 ampton
5. Not a city but a village = Hoo (Who?)
2 act(I)on
I'd come up with Hoo as well Flonska, but similarly couldn't see the 'city' connection
..... and I'd just found Acton, Toorak!!!
I'd thought of hoo too

And whatfield

Though both described as villages
There is I think only one city . . . Ipswich. I get the wich (which?) part but don't see the Ips part.
And technically I'm not sure that Ipswich is even a city
Yes . . . Toorak, the football team is Ipswich Town
Question Author
Thank you all for your answers so far, and yes Ipswich is a town not a city.
I think they are trying to get city status...
Question Author
Yes, Toorak, they are trying for city status, but as of yet, there are no cities in Suffolk. But I expect a lot of people think of Ipswich as a city.
6 Darsham? (sounds like dash ham)
^ it is also a village
Daft thought re: No 5 - You don't suppose the setter has made a mistake with their geography and they think Norwich (Nor Which?) is in Suffark instead of Narfark?

The panache porker clue suggests one the "hams" - maybe there is one closer than EllieMay's suggestion?
4. How about Alpheton (sounds like half-a-ton) i.e half of 100?
//The panache porker clue suggests one the "hams" //
Not sure what you mean here, Flonska. Can you please explain further. Thank you.
It's okay, Flonska. I get what you mean now!

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Places In Suffolk

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