Answer Has 'port' Somewhere In It

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hillwalker | 19:37 Mon 19th Feb 2018 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Have only one answer left to find out of 30 clues but it has me stumped. Your help would be appreciated. Thank you.
1. Egyptian city on the Suez Canal (4, 5)

I have looked at maps but the only city I can find with 5 letters is Cairo and the port for Cairo is 'Port Said. Any other suggestions?


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Very likely a setter error.
Port Fouad?
Well done.
I reckon it's a mistake.
It looks like a setter's error for 'Port Said' to me.

You've tried a map and I've looked at the Wikipedia list of all town and cities in Egypt:
The only one with 'port' in it is, indeed, Port Said.
I could only find port said or port suez and only the former seems to be a city. Perhaps an error in the numbering?
Port fouad looks good
Looking at Google maps, calling that a city seems to stretch things a bit.
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Thank you everyone for your interesting input. I hope it’s not a setter’s error as I am happy to go for ‘Port Fouad’ which seems to be a cIty located on the Suez Canal. I have never heard of it and, as it shows on the map as Port Fuad, it would have passed me by!

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Answer Has 'port' Somewhere In It

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