Up Up And Away Quiz, Closing Date 17/2/2018

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denquiz | 19:57 Sun 11th Feb 2018 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Stumped on these last ones. Any help appreciated please! Answers relate to things that fly.

44. Watery mistake flows backwards (10)
45. Navigation aid in a spin (9)
52. Revolving plane makes a sandwich (4)
53. Slim level flight (4)
60. What caused Frank to be in a spin (4,3,5,5)

Many thanks in anticipation of your help!


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45. Gyroscope ???
52 gyro
53 trim
Question Author
Thank you emeritus and The Winner.
45 TurboProp?
44 SlipStream.
Question Author
Thank you Davemano.
Question Author
Just had some inspiration for no. 60 which I thought could be a Frank Sinatra song - That Old Black Magic - for which the lyrics go "Darling, down and down I go, round and round I go; In a spin, loving the spin that I'm in; Under that old black magic called love."
I can only think of Frank Spencer playing the Angel Gabriel ??
I'm finding it hard to see what some of these answers have to do with things that fly?
Question Author
Thanks, Sam1960, for that image of Frank Spencer, which will now be in my mind as I look at this quiz !!! Gosh that brings back memories!!
Question Author
Prudie - the setter says that the answers 'relate to things that fly', not necessarily things that fly themselves. So answers are related to flight terms, types of aircraft, air equipment, and sometimes the more ethereal things too. Hope that helps!
Denquiz, re. 60. You might be right then,
That Old Black Magic
fits the word count, go for it!
For 45 minutes I've been looking through the Learning to Fly episode with Frank Spencer in which he makes mistakes causing the plane to go into a spin. Could be something from this.
Question Author
Thanks Davemano! I now have memories of Frank Spencer episodes stuck in my brain. What daft things he got up to, back in the day!! Can you believe that the 'Learning to fly' episode was back in 1978, some 40 years ago!

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Up Up And Away Quiz, Closing Date 17/2/2018

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