Fao - The Km Players

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seekeerz | 01:19 Sat 13th Jan 2018 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Here are today's shaded clues for you -

4a Colour of the Algerian iris, or a pansy-like flower of the woodlands, hedgerows and old pastures etc [6]

41a Colour of the cue ball in snooker, pools and billiards etc [5]

12d Table ------, game for singles and doubles, also called whiff-whaff or ping-pong [6]

51d -----to-wear, English translation of the French fashion phrase 'pret-a-porter' [5]


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Purple White Tennis Ready
01:21 Sat 13th Jan 2018



Thanks Steff.

Mamya has it already! Hope that you're not too hot this week.
Has Mamya got some sort of device which goes 'ping' as soon as Seekeerz posts these threads? She always seems to have answered before I've seen them!
Chris - likewise, never gives us poor mortals a chance!
It was a full 2 minutes before I replied ;-)

Ta Seekz x
Question Author
morning guys and mamya ....greased lightning should be her nickname!!
Thanks twix, it's cooler now but we have the rain and favourite thing ....humidity !!! Think we're turning into a tropical rain forest here ....bah :((
Violet White Tennis Ready
Apologies for the wrong first link, always tough with no grid for crossers.

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Fao - The Km Players

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