Can Anyone Help Please....

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knowabit | 12:09 Wed 03rd Jan 2018 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Answers are food and drink...

1. An insignificant item (6)
2. A sleeper? (6)
3. Sounds like a leisurely trap (4,3)
4. On behalf of dry company (8)
5. Flaky dance (8)
6. Cleaner and uni teacher say no (10)
7. Odd goat (3,6)
Thanks in advance!


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1. Trifle
2. Kipper
3 sloe gin
6. Char don nay
7. Rum Butter
4. Pro sec co
5. Snow ball
Question Author
Wow that was quick... thanks!!
Question Author
You lot are good! I've been staring at these for days!!
I have a couple more please...
8. Philosopher or artist (5)
9.To act badly (3)
10.Vessel and the rest, mixed, thanks! (8)
11. Girl puts her father first (6)
12. Perfect cheek (4,5) something chops?
13. Frost's superior (6) could be Mullet?
14. Scouser's money (5) Lolly?

I did manage 36 answers on my own!
9 Ham
9. Ham
8 Bacon
11. Pa ella
10 Pan-cet-ta (cet = etc - the rest - mixed)
13 Frost's boss was MulletT - with 2 'T's but looks good
12 Mint Sauce
Question Author
Thanks again... been driving me insane.. I'm useless with cryptic!
14. Bread
Question Author
That's all of them answered... thanks soooo much for the help... I can rest easy now!

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