Shropshire Guildford British Wildflower Quiz Closing 31.01.18

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khc3008 | 20:36 Fri 29th Dec 2017 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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I am struggling with the following quiz questions - in fact I am going round in circles and getting nowhere! I have managed to answer 87/100!
Answers will be a British Wildflower

1 No smell from this spring plant 9,7
2 SBS 5,7
3 Irascible lake in Algonquin Highlands 7,8
4 Sweep the sawdust 8,5
5 Scourge and intimidate 7
6 Hassle a male deer 9
7 Hunched and shuffling 8,4
8 Articulated dash 7,4
9 Overly sensitive and fragile person when the days are longestimated 6,9
10 no owl calm mum 6,6
11 Applies to Big Ben 5,5
12 Medium sized toothed whale every year 6,6
13 Hundred paramoUrswick with 18 5-4,6 The answer to 18 was Birds Foot

Thank you. Any help appreciated.


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10 wonder if the setter made a mistake it looks as if it should be common mallow, but need the clue to say mom not mum
9 Summer Snowflake
7 Creeping Bent
5 Cowbane
Question Author
Thank you - so quick. Very impressed!
4 Butchers broom?
1 scentless mayweed
6 delamerea ......anagram a male dear
Question Author
I have spent hours looking through books to find a name of a wildflower looking like buck,stag or Hart etc. Never ever considered it to be an anagram! Thank you Will start again
13 bird's foot clover?
3 Bristly oxtongue
8 jointed rush
Question Author
Thank you for everyone's help which is very much appreciated. The only 2 still requiring answers are
Applies to Big Ben 5,5
Medium-sized toothed whale every year 6,6

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Shropshire Guildford British Wildflower Quiz Closing 31.01.18

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