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sunny-dave | 18:46 Wed 08th Nov 2017 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Hidden Books Game :

Closing date is not until end of Jan 2018 - so I hope not too many answers will be given just yet?


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Bit late Dave - see the post 3 below yours!
Don't look, Dave!
Question Author
Ho and indeed Hum

It only came out 7 hours ago ...
Lots already given!
Someone has it finished already!
I can't see it very well. Is there a way of enlarging it?
Oh, just seen the magnifying glass in the corner. :-)
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I'm not, by nature, a member of the 'it's too early' brigade - but this is beyond ridiculous.

I know it's a commercial quiz (rather than a charity one), but it will be well over 2,000 hours before we even get to the last day for entries ...

... but people were asking/sharing answers after less than 4 hours - that's 0.2% of the time elapsed.

It won't hurt me (I won't look), but it seems a pretty sad reward for the effort that someone put into devising it?
You are a member now Dave whether you like it or not - personal gain is a great spur to compete isn't it?

With Charity quizzes losing sales because of the internet and some ceasing, the two types of quiz/Comp are different.
Book quiz.
Already sizeable postings in Quizzes and Puzzles.
Mumsnet usually give them away in days as well.

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One Of My Favourites Of The Year

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