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porilo | 11:10 Sat 30th Sep 2017 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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I'm puzzled about this clue:
5a: What mothers do, extracting honey from flower (6)
I have S?C?L? and the answer appears to be SUCKLE but mother's don't suckle. It's the children who suckle. I wonder whether the clue should have been "What children do ....." ?? Any comments please? Or am I on the totally wrong track?


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Mothers do suckle their babies
clue looks fine to me- suckle means to feed a baby (esp animals)
A mammal is usually described as an animal that suckles its young, not as one whose young suckle it.
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Thanks for all your answers. That's sorted that one out. I always thought that it was the babies who suckle the mums, I didn't know it could be used the other way around. I've learnt something today. :-)

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Friday's Daily Mail 15634

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