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Tuvok | 21:52 Tue 12th Sep 2017 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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The answers begin and end with the same letters (i.e. in exactly the same order) eg. MAgMA

31 Transport system 3

33 Study of the physical features of the earth's surface 3

36 Ashamed or embarrassed, looking guilty 2

38 Something of sentimental value 2

43 Persecutor 3


this one is an 8 letter word, and must have at least one double letter pair (eg. ll, cc etc.)

Hasbro board game

I found 1 but it had a lot more than 8 letters!


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22:12 Tue 12th Sep 2017
38 KeepsaKe
Question Author
All I could think of for that was momento.
What are the numbers at the end of each clue.
33 looks like 'Physical geography' but that's only got two words
(assuming that the '3' in your clue is the word count) and includes a word given in the clue (which is lousy clue-setting) but, given the errors which turn up in some quizzes, it might still be a possibility!

The no. of letters which are the same e.g MAgMA would be 2
^ in answer to dave
^^^ Oh, hang on. Looking at Dave's answer it seems that the number indicates the length of the string at either end of the word. (It does help to know things like this!)
Got it thanks elliemay
^^^ Having got that sorted out . . .
36 SheepiSh
36 SHeepiSH
Like others I was looking for 2 or 3 word answers. ;((
36. Sheepish
43 Tormentor
Opps. Just seen yours dave
43 tormentor
43. Tormentor
Oops also!

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Romainind Aid Foundation C/d 16 Sep 2017

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