The Word Crossword 1068

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Aquagility | 17:55 Sat 19th Aug 2017 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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In deep trouble this week!

9d. Pitches used by rejects on first-team (5,5) ?A?T?A?I?E - presumably ends ASIDE?
23a. Fish dish dropped, disheartening when out to lunch (9) ??G?N?I?E - ARGENTINE? Why?
18d. Energy's cut - get very angry (2,5) G?S?A?? - GO SPARE? Why?
25a. Chicken and ham, say medium cut? (4) ??T? - Clueless!

I won't post an entry, but put me out of my misery - please!


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23 yes - anagram of disheartening minus dish
9 Casts aside
18 yes - go's (energy is) pare (cut)
go(energy) s Pare(cut)
Casts aside?
18d. go's(energy's) + pare(cut)
Question Author
OK, thank you all. But why FISH in 23a? And are CASTS rejects?
Too many senior moments these days - time to pack it in!
to cast something aside is to reject it
An argentine is a type of fish
Question Author
Thanks again. I'd better go and fry my argentine!

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The Word Crossword 1068

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